How We Work on Graphic Design:

Our goal is to dynamically express the personality of the brand or client. The process starts with you. We begin with an in-depth interview to understand your product, market and goals. We create pages of sketches investigating possible design solutions and come back to you for feedback. Then we hone it down, taking away the extraneous, editing and refining. Our favorite designs are those that include more than initially meets the eye. We especially like visual puns and double-meanings that reinforce the goals of the brand.

"I have engaged Mr. Bonham for three separate projects and have been extremely pleased with the outcome of each. He is exceptionally skilled and creative, a professional who also thinks outside the box. Simply put, he is just quite brilliant."
-Widge Johnson, Free-lance Editor, The Dalles Oregon

Recent Project: Brimstone Red Wine

Brimstone-.gifMt. Defiance Wine Company asked for an edgy, provocative label to tell the story behind their new red wine. The label is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the "hellfire and brimstone" preacher Billy Sunday who, after a wildly successful and lucrative stint on the preaching circuit in the 1920s, retired to his ranch in the Hood River Valley, now home to Mt. Defiance Wine Company. Billy was known for the physicality and theatrics of his preaching. We tried to convey that charisma and intensity with strong graphics and colors while at the same time creating a slightly subversive dynamic as we put the proselytizing teetotaler, mid-rant, on a wine label.


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