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bespoke |biˈspōk| adjective • of goods made to order • an item custom-made to the buyer's specification (personalized or tailored).

We are proud throwbacks to traditional bespoke craftsmen. Nothing is off-the-shelf or a canned solution. Every project is custom designed for an individual client. So you get a custom solution, just for you. We take pride in our custom design but we are just as proud of our craftsmanship whether we are working in wood or laying out text for a newsletter. In a world of mega-corporations and mass production, we invite you to rediscover the deeper pleasure of the small, personal, and handmade.

Proudly made in Hood River, Oregon

Recent Project: Shop Sign 


  Grow Organic is a great Hood River source for organic farm and garden supplies for D.O.Y. (Doing Organic Yourself). Along with hard-to-find products like bee-keeping equipment and cheese-making kits, Grow Organic also offers classes on gardening, animal husbandry and other cool back-to-the-land topics. When it came to designing a sign for the shop, the owners, Jeff and Ketrina Jerome, wanted something that was not just eye-catching but that also reflected their ecological values. The result is a three-dimensional sign with carved wooden flowers and letters made of cedar that will be allowed to age naturally. We used earth-friendly paints for the black and yellow details.


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